Friday, May 14, 2004


Work was boring again today. Just waiting for phone calls, e-mails, approvals... Thankfully it hasn't been too busy this week so I've had time to shop for a used truck. My motto for work: When it rains, it pours. June and July are going to be hell on me. Three major projects landing on me at the same time.

The good news is, my training was finally approved. I already booked the flight to California, baby! Nothing like sunny weather and bikinis to make the work load seem to go away... if only for just one week, anyway. Actually, I'm looking forward to seeing some family out there. Hate to leave the wifey to take care of the kids by herself. Hopefully she can get help from her parents or mine, at least for a few nights.

Got home and mowed more of the lawn. Three hours yesterday. Three hours today. Probably another 3 hours tomorrow, too, what with the weedwhacking and all. The tractor's temp light still comes on, even though it just came back from the shop... haven't paid the mechanic yet, thankfully. By the time I'm finished with the side lawn, the back will need mowing again.

Go to work, then come home and go to work, then come inside and go to work.

Drove the truck around for a bit. I just put my car plate on it so I can drive it around this weekend, if I dare. It still stalls when I stop at a light or something. I checked online in a few auto mechanic forums, and it seems I will need to do something with my "idle air control valve," whether it be clean it or get a new one. I think I will bring it to the mechanic and have the whole thing checked out, tuned up.

I should be able to get my temp plates on Wednesday. Seems the city of "M" has a 2-week waiting period between when they deposit their property tax checks and when they can give out auto tax release slips. Furthermore, they only update DMV like every quarter or something. So I can't just to to DMV and they will see that "M" city has released me of my tax obligations. No, I have to go to city hall after 2 weeks and then get a release slip. Lucky for me the 2 weeks ends this Wednesday. 5 more days...

I'm all dirty from the yard work. Going to take a shower, watch the news and go to bed.


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